The Kid Who Licked a Public Toilet Seat Now Has Coronavirus

Remember that “influencer” who licked a toilet seat in public and called it “Coronavirus Challenge”? Yeahhhh, he has Coronavirus now:

You couldn’t have done that 10 push-up challenge like the rest of us?
Coronavirus has truly been Darwinism at its finest at some points of this pandemic. A man in Pakistan tested negative. To celebrate, he threw a party with all his friends. And you’ll never guess what virus he contracted while doing so. I’m not sure if licking a toilet seat is so much Darwinism as it is just flat out karma. If you lick a public toilet seat for internet clout, there’s a solid chance you get sick even without this pandemic.
In an interview with Dr. Phil, this asshole influencer who goes by “Larz” admits he’s done other pranks like licking ice cream in stores and then putting it back. So let’s just chalk it up to karma.
You know what the saddest part is? You have to be desperate for attention to willingly lick a public restroom’s toilet seat. Now the after effect is him ending up with Coronavirus. To him, this probably just lands him all the attention he so badly coveted to start with.
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