SportsCenter Was Ready to Risk It All in Megan Thee Stallion’s Instagram Live

We are on Day (what seems like) 67 of this quarantine and everyone is reaching THAT point. People are willing to risk it all, and that includes whatever intern running the Sportscenter Instagram account when he hopped on Megan’s IG Live last night:


“What’s good” is in the Mt. Rushmore of drunk 2am desperation texts. I like to picture it was Scott Van Pelt or Kevin Neghandi running that account saying that and not some young intern shooting his shot on IG Live. Whoever it is, I’d rather see them with Meg instead of G-Eazy. I think I speak for everyone but G-Eazy on that one.

Since the quarantine has started,  Sportscenter has been hopping into a ton of celebrities Instagram Live sessions. Just the other day, they hopped in Lebron’s to ask when Drake’s album would be finished.They joined Tory Lanez Quarantine Radio session. It’s great that with no sports, Sportscenter has done a complete round-about and just completely abandoned trying to cover a sports-less world.

To the ESPN employee gone rogue, without sports, we all look forward to your next celebrity Instagram Live charade.

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