How to Celebrate your 21st Birthday in Quarantine

Now that we’re pretty much going to be on lockdown for the next month, plenty of 21st birthdays are going to be canceled. What the fuck are people going to do now?

Undoubtedly college students dream over their 21st and have it planned out YEARS in advance. Now the inevitable trip to Drinkers, Mcgillin’s, maybe even Woody’s depending on who’s turning 21, is over.  Overall, tragedy for the college community as a whole.

Everyone looks forward to celebrating their 21st and now with the corona virus shutting everything down, 21 year olds with birthdays in the next couple months are fucked in the ass.

People are missing out on the infamous 21st birthday celebration decorations:


Sure you can recreate this magic for a later date, but it’s quite simply not the same.

No more vision or walking up to the bar of choice with your figurative cock throbbing because you’ll be handing your bouncer an ID that is undeniable now that your of age. Now that you’re in the bar, your dreams of showing out with the blowjob shot is over. No birthday bitch sash, nothing. It’s all ruined.

But now, your in you house in a stay at home lockdown, and this is how you’ll have to spend your 21st:

Gotta respect the hustle from Mom and Dad here. Even though it was nothing like what a 21st birthday could look like, they were able to work with the resources they had and show out for their son. The only thing that could have been better were if they had at least 1 or 2 bitches for their son. Like I’m sure there was at least one neighborhood baddie they could have invited.

It’s a true shame for those across the nation who will be celebrating their big day in self isolation, who would have thought the corona virus would have ruined the big 21.


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