Eagles Players Trying To Recruit Brandin Cooks


Eagles need offensive help going into this year. They are most likely going to draft a wide receiver in the first round. And it sounds like LeSean McCoy is on his way back to Philly. But they still need depth at wide receiver and some proven players. Enter Brandin Cooks.

He apparently isn’t happy in LA and other players are taking notice. Ertz and Sproles are not being shy.

Now what does this mean? Can the Eagles get Cooks? Maybe but it’s going to be pricy. Can’t imagine the Rams will release him with a dead cap hit of $29,800,000. No shot they just eat that. But if the Eagles were to trade for Cooks they’d be on the hook for $16,800,000. With all the money Howie saved this offseason by signing 8 players and only paying $14.5 million, they might be willing to pay the money.

Nothing with Howie surprises me anymore. Wouldn’t be shocked to see this move right after the draft happens. In Howie we trust.

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