Absolutely Massive Final Week Of The LCS, Esports Betting Guide

If you didn’t know this is the last week of the LCS Spring Split Regular Season. Playoffs are coming and it is time to separate the good teams from the great ones. C9 is the 1 seed even if they lose both of their games this weekend but we have 8 other teams fighting for 5 spots. It would be a massive long shot but there is still an outside chance that Golden Guardians or Dignitas sneak in, very unlikely but not impossible. TL have been nothing but a disappointment all split but can still make the playoffs if everything goes perfect, they would need to beat Flyquest and C9 to do that though.

I know I’m not here to give you expert analysis but to make you all rich. That is what they pay me for so that is what I’ll do. We went 1-1 on our official picks last week which brings us to 11-10 on the season. Let’s be a better bettor and win it all this weekend.

100 Thieves Vs TSM -175

I fully expect TSM to win both of their games this weekend and end the year with 11 wins. They have come together at the right time and might be the only complete team other than C9. I’m not sure how the standings will shake out with tie breakers but I’d guess TSM ends the split as the 2 seed heading into playoffs.

Immortals Vs Evil Geniuses -185

EG has been beating on teams lately and have fought their way into the playoff race. They’re not 100% in yet and their first game is against C9 and I expect them to lose that. If they lose to C9 this game becomes a MUST WIN or playoffs for them is over. Don’t get me wrong they can still go 0-2 and be the 6th seed but if they win this game they’re looking at the 3 or 4 seed and more importantly are guaranteed a spot in playoffs. EG is one of the few teams that completely control their destiny and that’s big.


I have two Value Picks this week and I’ll explain them both.

100 Thieves Vs Counter Logic Gaming +195

This is all gut. I think 100 Thieves miss playoffs and that means they’re going to lose both games this weekend. If you’ve read any of these blogs you know I’m a 100T fan so you know this hurts me but we’re here to make money. Unlike EG I don’t think the Thieves have that fight in them. I think CLG know they’re out of playoffs and might just be happy in ruining someone else’s season. I think when TSM beats 100T on Saturday that’s the end for them, they will be defeated and will make dumb mistakes in this match on Sunday.

Cloud 9 Vs Team Liquid +230

I want to be so very clear, I will not be betting on this game. TL HAS to win at least one game this week to make playoffs, I think they lose to Flyquest and I think they clutch up against a C9 team who has already locked up the 1 seed and pull out a win. TL winning this would give them 8 wins and then it would come down to a tie breaker to to make the playoffs. I just think this team isn’t done and will make the playoffs. Flyquest will still be trying hard in their match because they’re still fighting for the 2 seed as well. TL will shock the world this weekend, by either beating the unbeatable or by winning 4 straight titles then missing playoffs with a roster that was supposed to be the best team ever assembled.



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