The Boston Red Sox Will Spend Over $80 Million On Players That Won’t Play For Them In 2020

Happy Opening Day Boston!!!!!! A buddy of mine sent me this tweet and I had to triple take look at it.


$80 million for absolutely NOTHING in 2020. Zero production. Imagine spending $1,000 and getting nothing in return. You’d lose your mind. Now imagine doing that 80,000 times. That’s enough to make you think about quitting life.

$80 million is more than 5 team’s entire payroll. That’s right, the Red Sox will pay more money to players that won’t wear their uniform than the Royals, Rays, Pirates, Marlins and Orioles will pay their entire team. Lol. Feel bad about Chris Sale. Nothing you can really do there, Tommy John sucks and when it needs to happen. The fact they are still paying Manny Ramirez is eye popping. Last time Manny wear a Red Sox uniform was 2008. That’s a tough deferred payment look.

Pablo hasn’t played for the Sox since 2017, so that’s a tough $5 million to eat. And Dustin Pedroia over $13 million. Yikes. Over the last two years Pedroia has played 9 games. NINE. Over the last two years he’s made over $31 million or $3.4 million per game.

So yeah, no Opening Day blows but it could be worse. You could be a Red Sox fan and know your team is paying a King’s ransom for nothing and your best player was shipped to LA for prospects you hope will some day be as good as the guy you traded.

That’s life half full


Featured Image: USA Today


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