Mayor Gabe Loses His Shit On Residents Not Staying Home!

So I have a new hero… And his name Mayor Gabe.

Image – Courier Journal

Mayor Gabe ain’t fucking around any more because people… This is a big FUCKING deal! Preach Gabe!!

Mayor Gabe has had it with people not staying home and people not taking the CoronaVirus and the lockdown quarantine seriously.

So… He took to Facebook and he spoke bluntly.. To say the least.

I think my favorite part of that whole thing is… “Warmest regards” right after, “screw you.”

This is the type of person we need leading the way during this pandemic! Mayor Gabe will punch you square in the face if you don’t stay home, and I’m here for it!

It seemed though after his coffee wore off he apologized a bit.

Gif – Giphy

Wash your hands ya filthy animals!!

I’m about to move to Walton, Kentucky to live under his leadership. Because CoronaVirus has no chance while he’s fucking it up!

Image – Alter
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