Josina Anderson is STILL Getting Way Too Many Eagles Scoops

After the initial freak out by fans five minutes into free agency, the Eagles have made a bevy of moves, specifically to sure up the defense. What started with a trade for Darius Slay created a run on secondary members for the Eagles. That continued today with the addition of Nickell Robert-Coleman:

Here’s one question not being asked: does the acquisition even count if they announce through Josina Anderson?
If God himself came down from the heavens signed with the Eagles, I would disapprove of the move if he announced through Josina Anderson.
But that’s where we stand!
She broke the Jalen Mills position change.

She broke the Darius Slay trade.

And now Nickell Rodney-Coleman is now just flat out texting her where he’s going like every drunk guy lost on a bar crawl.
How the hell is she getting all these scoops within the NovaCare Complex when she should be banned?
Not only does she get all these Eagles related scoops, her King Rat, Alshon Jeffery is still on the team. Uh, why?
This offseason has been about not just getting younger but making it evidently clear that Carson Wentz is the primary leader of this team. And what do the free agent signees do? They announce they are joining forces with Wentz via his sworn enemy.
That is why I’m denouncing every Eagles related move that Josina Anderson announces. I encourage Eagles fans across the city to stand with me. If we can bully multi-billionaires into paying their workers livable  wages, we can bully Eagles players into deleting Josina Anderson’s phone number!
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