Bill Belichick Has Been Nominated For An Emmy

Back in July before the NFL Top 100 was revealed I (partially) sarcastically wrote a blog that Rich Eisen said Bill Belichick was the most electric analyst of all time. I might have exaggerated slightly but it’s not far from what Rich Eisen said Belichick’s performance would be once the general public got to see the NFL 100 reveal.

Once the footage was released and we started to see Bill Belichick’s effervescent personality shine when talking about Ed Reed, Randy Moss, Slingin Sammy Baugh and yes, Tom Brady, there was no question about it. Bill Belichick truly IS the most electric analyst of all time.

And just like that, in his first big appearance as an analyst, Bill Belichick has been nominated for a [Sports] Emmy. I don’t know when the Emmy’s are but we will all be devastated if we miss out on the opportunity to hear Belichick’s Emmy acceptance speech.

I know one thing for sure–Michael Strahan is for sure going down this time. There’s no chance Chuck or Jay Bilas have a shot as a better personality than Belichick. Give him the trophy now.



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