The Taylor Swift Vs Kim And Kanye Saga Takes A Wild Turn

If you’re like me and haven’t been paying attention to this whole Kim and Kanye vs Taylor beef thing I’ll give you a quick summary (as I understand it). Kanye reaches out to Taylor about his song Famous in 2016ish trying to get her to promote it because it mentions her in the song. There was some sort of issue and a snippet of the conversation came out, which was being recorded (we’ll get to that), that snippet was basically Taylor saying it was okay to have her name be in the song blah blah. Fast forward to the actual song release and Taylor is upset about Kanye saying he thinks they’ll still fuck, calling her a bitch and saying he made her famous. Kind of understandable. This is when the snippet of the conversation came out and people turned on Taylor.

So, why is this being brought back up 4 years later you ask? Well the full 5ish minute video came out. First Taylor was being recorded illegally which if you bring this up in any type of argument shut up, least important part of this entire situation. Be quiet. The important piece is everything Taylor said was pretty much true. She wasn’t told the full lines and wasn’t told about the “I made that bitch famous” line at all. She is exonerated now that the full video is out.

You might be asking yourself why the guy who writes about Boston sports and video games is diving into this Taylor Swift beef. Well this is more up Ali or Kyles alley I think but I saw this tweet and I mean I love this so much.

She hit us with the @ and everything. All time spin zone by Kim though. I’m not kidding when I say this might be a Top 5 spin zone ever. This is Kim’s flu game.

I want to be open and honest with you guys cause we’re all pals here. I couldn’t give a fuck about any of this. This is drama that is above my pay grade. When multi millionaires get into a pissing match about a song from 4 years ago that’s when I usually put the phone down and hop over to Netflix for the night. It’s a big reason I don’t really like reality shows, I just don’t care enough about things going on in my life to pretend to care about these people with waaaaaay more money than me. But I am a whore for the views and this quarantine is getting to my brain.

Here is the rest of Kim’s tweets, I figured she’d be deleting them soon so I got the screenshots.

Feautured image.

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