The 2020 Olympics are Cancelled…What’s Next?

There will be no Summer Olympics in 2020.

Ah, the 2020 Summer Olympics are the latest victim of the Coronavirus cancel culture. It was inevitable that they were going to get canceled, and now the Olympics being postponed until 2021 is the cherry on top of sports cancellations in 2020.

First off, god dammit Dick Pound, you’re really fucking us all in the ass here. I cannot wait for the point in time where the Coronavirus pandemic reaches history textbooks. “In 2020, the Tokyo Summer Olympics were postponed due to the Corona Outbreak, IOC member Dick Pound was one official responsible for putting this into effect.” How electric would it be to be in middle school and have the opportunity to get chosen during popcorn reading for this paragraph? Oh, the things I would do to be able to say Dick Pound in a middle school history class.

But what does this mean for the return of sports in general? The Olympics were supposed to start on July 24th. The cancelation is a precautionary measure, as the pressure was on the IOC to make some sort of announcement on this. But In my opinion there are two ways to look at the Olympics being postponed.

The pessimistic view:

The words no one wants to hear…sports are fucked for the foreseeable future. If they already cancelled the Olympics, does this mean sports ain’t coming back anytime soon? If the Olympics can’t go on in July, then what does that mean for the NBA and NHL playoffs? These are the questions no one wants to hear/has the answers to. But if this is the case, and we don’t have sports by July, I may break the world record for most videos watched on Pornhub.

The optimistic view:

The Olympics were on the hot seat. They were forced to play their hand and postpone the games even though it is 3 months away. Countries were beginning to announce that they weren’t going to send people to the games, and if the IOC didn’t make this decision, they would look like dickheads. I’m more on the view of this as the Olympics had no choice but to postpone. In a perfect world, all my attention will be on the NBA and NHL playoffs in July, so the Olympics would have been the odd man out.

On the bright side, a mid year  2021 Olympics wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

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