Sixers Ownership Reverses Course on Paycut, But Not Before Their True Colors Are Shown

After less than a day of full-fledged cyberbullying the billionaire owners of the Sixers have reversed course and are no longer asking employees making over $50,000 to take a paycut.

I cannot believe that a franchise who’s GM had fake Twitter accounts to talk shit on players could somehow create a PR disaster worse than that, but the Sixers managed to do it.
It’s not shocking nor surprising. The Sixers front office since they came into office have seen things in terms of profits not people. It’s just that now in a pandemic where people have become financially desperate, their greed has reached its apex.
The Sixers have a culture problem and it starts at the top.  We’ve known it for quite sometime but usually we see the issues on the basketball court, not so much impacting every day lives. We are so worried about winning as fans, but we never will because that’s not what this ownership group cares about. They don’t care about us, the don’t care about the players, they don’t care about employees. They care about profits.
Every one of them in that lengthy ownership group, including Michael Rubin should be ashamed of themselves. It took Joel Embiid having the decency and humility to take this issue upon himself in order for them to see what shitty people they are. As for Rubin, yeah he was upset the Sixers instituted this plan. Who the fuck cares. What were we supposed to do? Use promo code: COVID-19 on to Sixers employees could feed their families this next month. As always, Joel Embiid had to bail them out and be a ray of light.
It’s ironic that Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid take the brunt of the negative headlines given they are the only positive light around the team. Time after time, those two bail this team out of bad PR situations both on and off the court. If you think the fit between Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons on the court is the biggest problem plaguing this team, you aren’t paying attention. There’s a culture problem, and it starts at the top.
Before we conclude, let’s end with some positive strategies the Sixers and the NBA could employ. All of these players have a surplus of memorabilia, they jersey swap damn near every game! They are all sponsored by Adidas or Nike or some other multi-billion company with unlimited cool gear at their disposal. What if they did a Self-Quarantine Charitable Auction With Authentic NBA Memorabilia and Autographed Gear. Players host on their teams official account or NBA account. People bid on items, that money goes to charitable organizations fighting the Coronavirus. Players match the final total.
For instance, Joel Embiid could run one where he auction off game worn jerseys for himself and teammates as well as other autographed gear. If people bid $25,000 worth on items, Embiid matches $25,000 and $50,000 total is donated.
Just a fun way to donate money and get our minds off Josh Harris being a scumbag.
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