Sixers Owners Ask Employees to Take Pay Cut During COVID-19 Related Work Stoppage

Due to the work stoppage related to COVID-19, Sixers and Devils full-time employers are looking at serious cutbacks.


Josh Harris is a scumbag. We knew it before and we see his true colors in a time of crisis. This is the most selfish and greedy move the owner of a company has done since Mr. Shirley (Chevy Chase’s Boss in Christmas Vacation) didn’t give out Christmas bonuses that year.

Josh Harris’s net worth is $3.8 billion. Michael Rubin’s net worth is $2.9 billion. Since we’re all working at home or not working at all, use some of your free time today to read about Josh Harris’ “deal of the century” purchase of an NYC home for ONLY $45 million. Or listen to Drake’s new song where he raps about Michael Rubin playing high stakes poker and winning “a million off a couple hands”. These are the guys who are telling people making barely over entry level salary, or making 5 digits a year, that they need to be the ones to cut back.

A winning franchise starts with culture. They talk about it San Antonio. Or Miami. Or even now Toronto. The Sixers don’t have it and it starts at the top. This was never about the Sixers winning a title. This was always about them turning the franchise into a profit gain. And looking out for people who work for them in need, only cuts into the one thing they always desired, the profit.

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