Julian Edelman Just Gave Patriots Fans A Reason To Live

There hasn’t been much hope here in Patriots Nation since Tom Brady decided to become a Tampa Bay Buccaneer. We’ve been watching Brady marathons on ESPN, crying alone under the covers and refreshing Twitter to see who is the next Patriot to sign elsewhere.

In typical Belichick fashion he has made a few good under the radar signings that no one will talk about now, but will probably make $15 million next offseason.

At the forefront of the #StayTom2020 movement was our precious Julian Edelman. Between making merch and calling him out while mic’d up on the sideline of a college basketball game, no one can say Jules didn’t put forth his best effort at convincing Tom to stay. And besides one Tom Brady dedication post after he announced the move, we haven’t heard much from Jules. He’s been starting NERF wars while quarantined with Chase Winovich and Joe Burrow and starting early on his playoff beard.

But today Julian Edelman took to Instagram to give Patriots fans hope in dire times. Instead of a poorly crafted “Forever A Patriot” caption to announce in fact that he would not forever be a Patriot, Edelman went with “Foxborough forever”.

And this time I believe him. Have no choice but to. I’ve already crowned Jules the #1 candidate for the Forever A Patriot designation and this all but confirms it. If Edelman was going to leave us, it was going to be in 2013 with the Giants.

“I was pretty close,” he said on sports radio WEEI. “It would have been more of an emotional decision.” – ESPN.com

But he didn’t leave us then, and after signing a 2 year extension last offseason at 33 I will print this blog and eat it if we ever see Edelman in any other uniform than a Patriots one. The Patriots gave Edelman the contract they wouldn’t give Wes Welker, which should have been reason enough to believe Bill is ride or die for Super Bowl 53 MVP.

As much as Tom Brady leaving was for him to prove he can succeed in a system without Bill Belichick, 2020 (if we even play football this year) will give Edelman a new challenge. He’s always been “Tom Brady’s security blanket”, but Jules can play for any QB. Honestly, he could even start at QB and I’d be OK with it. His route running, physicality and overall heart and soul are at the core of The Patriot Way. With our without his best buddy Tom Brady.

One of the first to celebrate Jules’ IG announcement was none other than potential new heir to the throne, Jarrett Stidham.


I’m feeling pretty emotional lately, so no highlight packages and compilation videos are necessary. I just want Jules to know how much we love him. Forever A Patriot, literally.




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