John Mayer Was Invited To Do The ‘Imagine’ Montage But He Sent Back This Video Instead

First off, I don’t even know what song he is singing here. Ariana Grande wrote a song called Imagine too? Never heard of it in my life. Maybe because I’m not 15, sorry bout it. The fact that John Mayer’s brain heard the word imagine and his first thought was Ariana Grande is bananas. Don’t get me wrong, that’s no knock on Grande. She makes bangers and I want that on  the record. But to think in a time of healing the world needs an Ariana Grande song with the following line:

“Get in the car like, “Skrrt”
Stayin’ up all night, order me pad thai”

I love pad thai, not what I need during a global pandemic. But hey, to each their own. I need the rest of the John Mayer tape though. Say what you want about the guy, he’s a top 10 American right now. Good looks, great humor and has the voice of a sweet little baby angel. I’d go to war for Mr. Mayer.

Anyway, here’s another Ariana Banger to get you through the pandemic.

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