Joe Biden Has Coronavirus Doesn’t He?


Joe!!!! What the hell bro?!?! You have to get tested. You’re running for the highest position in the country and you’re no less than a million years old. You need to know if you have the Corona. The people need to know as well. Can’t vote for a guy that is dying from the inside out.

But all these wild Joe Biden mishaps have to make you start wondering. Do we need Joe Biden to win this election? I mean he is mixing up his sister and his wife, his teleprompter goes out and his brain breaks and now he’s basically puking on national tv during a virus pandemic. Guy is content gold. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Trump vs Biden debates are going to be UNBELIEVABLE. Nonstop content. Actually, with no sports I demand they just start debating now. The American people need it and demand it. Give us debates or give us death!

Ps, don’t give us death, just a little jk there.

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