Guy On His First Zoom Call For Work Gets Caught Smoking A Bong


Jesus Miles, make an effort buddy. Hide the camera before you rip some monster hits during a meeting. And what company is this? This wouldn’t fly anywhere in the real world. This is fine two places, wherever this is and Branded. I would turn a blind eye to this type of behavior for those that get clicks. These idiot interns we have smoke during a call and they’re cooked. Kyle decides to get high as a kite, go for it big guy. Also something no one seems to be addressing. There is a girl getting her hair braided too. Just pure anarchy. Christopher has zero control of anything happening.

We’re in for another 4-6 weeks of this stay at home lock down. That should give Miles plenty of time to perfect his meeting etiquette. Might I suggest smoking prior to or even after the meeting? And if the itch needs a scratching during the call, why not, oh you know, not be on camera.

Just a few pro tips for you Miles. Good luck buddy.

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