Hi! I’m Dan. And I Do Impressions.

What is good my people! My name is Dan. I am a 2022 Film and Television major at Drexel University. I love movies, TV, Youtube all that shit. For the last 20 years of my life I have been absorbing any and every form of media and finally I am ready to start producing my own. A serious grind for content has begun.

Also, I really don’t know dick about sports. I mean I played football and rugby in high school but to be honest I don’t know shit about professional sports. Michael Jordan is my favorite basketball player. He was in Space Jam.

I am so happy to start this journey and becoming apart of this awesome team here. In this video you will get a taste for my attitude, sense of humor, and editing style. Super excited and I will be pumpin’ out mad content!

Hope you playas enjoy the video. 40 Impressive Impressions in 5 minutes or less.


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