Ranking the Best Sports Video Games

Without live sports, I have relied on video games to get my fix in. I feel like I’m reliving my middle school days all over again, as my days are filled with video games, porn, and any type of snack I can find in the cabinets.

Video games are an underrated blessing in my opinion. Especially with everything going on right now, sports games have kept me more than entertained.

With that being said, I have decided to rank every major sports video game, so let’s get right to business.

1. Madden


Madden is the top dog without a doubt. I don’t know what it is about Madden, but it’s the best game to play against someone else. There’s been hundreds of times where I’ve said to a friend “Okay, play me in a game of Madden then dickhead”. Going 1 on 1 versus someone is an exhilarating endeavor, and beating someone in Madden opens up the floodgates to unlimited shit talking. Winning in Madden is like social currency.

2. MLB The Show


MLB the Show is high in the ranks for me, with good reason. The Show has the best game modes which makes it one of the best games. Diamond Dynasty, Road to the Show, March to October, the list goes on. The reason The Show isn’t as popular as the other top sports games is because it’s exclusive to Playstation. I used to be an Xbox guy my whole life, until I caved in and bought a Playstation solely to play MLB the Show.

3. NBA 2K


Ah, good ole NBA 2K. Collectively, I think I’ve spent the most time playing the 2K franchise throughout my video game career. 2K Is special because of ‘My Career’ its the best player mode out of all the games. 2K’s My Career mode is something special, and I literally feel like I’m an athlete when playing it. There’s no better feeling than dropping 55 20 and 10 in a My Career game.

Disclaimer: NBA 2K11 is the GOAT of the 2K franchise.

4. NHL


NHL is the only game where the video game itself is better than the actual sport. As a self proclaimed bandwagon hockey sports aficionado, I will gladly say that playing NHL is wayyyyy better than watching NHL. I love playing NHL just because of how unrealistic it is. At least for me, whenever I’m playing NHL my main goal is to check anyone in sight. Whenever I play the Penguins as the Flyers, I make it my mission to give Crosby as much CTE as possible, and it really gets the blood pumpin’.



Call me crazy, but I am not a fan of FIFA. I never really got into playing FIFA, but I have given the game a shot multiple times. The games overrated and simply not nearly as fun as the other sports games mentioned above.

Honorable Mentions:

Wii Sports


What a fucking game. Wii Sports was an unreal sports game. From Tennis, to Bowling, to Baseball. Wii sports gave you the ability to be an athlete from the comfort of your living room.




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