“Give the People What They Want” – Yannick Ngakoue

Yannick Ngakoue is either running one of the most elaborate, long winded trolls of all time on Eagles fans, or this guy really wants to be an Eagle pretty damn bad.


Yannick’s cryptic tweets cap a past week that saw many not so subtle Instagram stories hinting at either Ngakoue’s desire to be an Eagle or the Eagles desire in him. On multiple occasions, he posted pictures of Eagles defensive legends, Reggie White and Trent Cole. He posted a cheesesteak (can’t have a nationally televised game without that reference) and stated it was first time trying one.


When a human being is accepted into the Catholic Church, they are given Holy Water. When a human being is accepted into Philadelphia, they are given a sandwich overflowing with greasy steak and cheese-wiz. There’s levels to this shit.

For Yannick, he seems to be begging for that Philadelphia baptism. Even if this is an extensive troll, tweeting “give the people what they want” after a week straight of playing the hits for Eagles fans can’t sit well with the Jacksonville front office.

He is approaching the daunting extension time and it is unclear if the Jaguars are willing to pay him. If the Eagles do end up making a move for Yannick (or if there’s already a deal in place and Yannick is horrible with secrets) learn from others mistakes. Sign him to an extension IMMEDIATELY. Not when he becomes a free agent, similar to what they just did with Darius Slay.

Tune in tomorrow for our recap of Yannick posting the Rocky Statue in front of the Art Museum steps.

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