Does Branded Sports Have A Better Video Production Team Than Fox Sports?


Undisputed was supposed to go live from Skip Bayless’ compound at 11am EST today. I was almost thinking about tuning in. I thought maybe we’d get a shot of Skip’s microwave. Love that microwave. What an out of place appliance. It’s like Skip was born before the microwave, went over a rival friend’s place and saw they had one, and went out and ordered one for himself with nowhere to put it.


Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 3.24.39 PM


Over here at Branded Sports we were setting up for our FIFTH Periscope livestream of “The Lunchables” with the production value of rubbing two nickels together to see if it will create a fire.

A little behind the scenes for ya. We all call each other on Skype and then use OBS Software. I’m in charge of it and I have the video production capabilities of a spastic monkey trying to hammer a circle into a square. But if I can do it, surely a billion dollar organization like Fox Sports 1 shouldn’t have a problem.




shannon meem


Skip’s probably taking out his anger on poor Ernestine. Probably made Ernie stand up on the TV and point the antenna towards the moon to try and fix the WiFi. Skip was FUMING! So much he administered a bulletin. A fucking bulletin Skip? What is this 1930? Who’s creating bulletin’s anymore? Is Skip out in San Antonio in a fucking Newsie hat giving out bulletin’s for everyone to watch his show on FS1?
But don’t worry where did Skip go? The same place your 50 year old uncle goes to drop all of his hot takes about Howie not doing enough during Free Agency and sharing Onion articles how TikTok started the Wuhan virus because he heard it was owned by the Chinese.



Facebook Live, lol. Skip took it to the streets bringing the content that people on dialysis crave! Don’t know if Shannon Sharpe joined. But since he probably heard he was off for the day he immediately grabbed the Henny and Black & Mild to ride out the quarantine.




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