Cardi B Thinks NBA Players Are Being Paid To Say They Have Coronavirus

Before you apply any sense of reason or logic to this argument, hear Cardi B out. Quarantine or not Cardi B’s Instagram lives are usually full of political statements and woke ideas about the government. We’ve even got a top 10 hit because of it.

At this point I think CNN needs to at least give Cardi a feature segment. No one will get to the bottom of this pandemic faster than an influential rapper who can’t put on a lace front and an expensive outfit to go outside.

In her most recent IG live, Cardi demanded more answers on the coronavirus (I dare you not to read that in Cardi’s voice). She says in Wuhan, China the government started spraying the streets? and going house to house taking people’s temperatures. I will not make any statements on the correctness of her reports but I’d like to know a little bit more about what they are spraying in the streets before rolling with this idea. If it’s a gonorrhea spray maybe it’ll keep the millennials in once and for all.

But Cardi’s most woke statement on this live was that celebrities, specifically NBA players, are being paid to say they have the coronavirus.

Her argument is that these NBA players are coming forward saying they have tested positive but without any symptoms, so how is anyone supposed to know if they have it and why were the players tested in the first place? Despite the obvious answer of Rudy Gobert, it kind of makes sense. Every celebrity or NBA player besides Rudy that has tested positive isn’t displaying any symptoms. Donovan Mitchell said he could play a 7 game series tomorrow. Tom Hanks, Idris Elba, Andy Cohen…all going about their everyday lives minus a statement on how they tested positive but have no symptoms. Three of the most beloved celebrities out there that combined reach almost every demographic in the US.

Here’s my problem with her argument. If the government was going to pay NBA players to say they have coronavirus, they certainly would not start with Rudy Gobert, Donovan Mitchell, even Kevin Durant. No one gives a fuck about those guys. You want to start drumming up mass hysteria on a pandemic? “Give it” to Steph Curry…even Ayesha would do the trick. Have Lebron do a Coronavirus Taco Tuesday edition. Have we heard anything about Charles Barkley’s results? These are the types of names the government would need to pay to


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