If We’re Getting Through Quarantine We’re Doing It With Tobias Harris’ Fake Game Recaps

Try to tell me this didn’t happen. Mathisse Thybulle found Tik Tok and in the process he found his scoring ability. Coincidence? Probably not. He’s been murdering Tik Tok everyday. You look good, you feel good, you do good. And now with a new career high of (checks previous high) of 25 points the rookie showed out and looks to be a force in the rotation come playoff time.

This team is on fire. It’s nuts that over this 6 game win streak they’re out scoring opponents by 75 ppg and eight guys are averaging over 30 during the stretch. That to go with the fact everyone in front of them in the standings has lost their last 6 games and the Sixers now sit 2 games out of the #2 seed.

Ben Simmons is back from injury and told reporters him and Joel Embiid are moving in together to develop chemistry for the playoffs. Brett Brown has developed a completely new offense called the Parallelogram which combines the Motion, Triangle, and Princeton offenses and morphs it into one and it’s been giving teams fits. Ben Simmons broke Shake Milton’s consecutive threes record as he’s 25 for his last 25. Also, since the Wizards had to waive Bradley Beal so the owner could pay off his fines for dumping millions of stock before the Coronavirus hit, as part of a DC insider training scheme. The Sixers are favorites to claim him off waivers with no direct impact on the cap. Truly a remarkable series of fortunate events!

It’s crazy to think the Sixers could turn around all of the problems affecting the team in two weeks. The Flyers and Sixers parades back to back are going to be legendary!

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