Darius Slay Plans to Wear #24 for the Eagles in a Tribute to Kobe

Darius Slay has already made an immediate impression on Eagles fans before ever playing a single game. His presence on social media is, considerable, to say the least and he’s already had some great eye-opening quotes. In fact, his tenure as an Eagle started with him tweeting “I hope this speeds up my trade process” when the Lions signed Desmond Trufant. Next morning, he was on his way to Philadelphia. Now that Slay is here, he is a man of the people. On his Instagram Live video after the trade, Slay said he would be wearing #24 as an Eagle, as a tribute to Kobe.


“My number I’m rocking? I’m going with that two-four, man. I’m rockin’ with two-four this year. Kobe mode. Black mamba, baby. Playing for Kobe’s favorite NFL team is a dream come true. Man, it’s truly a blessing.”


Kobe’s death still feels surreal and it is amazing it’s only been less than two months since his passing.  With the NBA’s sudden suspension of league play due to the Coronavirus, his death somehow may not even be the most shocking moment of the season. The world has stopped, and sports have to. Kobe’s death is no longer at the forefront of issued while we deal with this crisis. So, with all this shit going on, you have to love Slay giving Kobe a tribute with a  Philly twist.


What remains to be seen is if Darius Slay can erase the demons of the Eagles wearing #24’s past. His jersey number choice could be a death sentence on his career. Bradley Flecther. Nnamdi Asomugha. Jesus man, I love and miss Kobe as much as the next guy but don’t curse your career like this. Bringing the #24 back from the dead for the Eagles would be arguably as impressive as bringing the franchise its first Super Bowl. We’ve been down bad with some corners wearing #24. Don’t break our hearts, Darius.

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