You Think The Coronavirus Is Going To Stop Tarik Cohen From Beating His Meat?



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Gas up the Pornhub! Tarik Cohen is going for the quarantine jerkoff record. What number do we think Tarik is up to? 15? Maybe 30? Gotta think we’ve been in quarantine for roughly 7 days  now. You can definitely crush 4x a day if you spread them out responsibly. If Tarik’s getting a nice 7-8 hours of sleep a night then we’re looking at once every 4 hours. Totally doable.

I’ll never meat shame. Some guys are tenderizing multiple times a day. Some of us do it right in the morning so we can go into work with a clear head. Let those creative juices flow uninterrupted. Others are whenever they get a moment to themselves guys. Can’t be the guy who shames another for beating his meat excessively. Especially during a stressful time like the Coronapocalypse. Who knows if this thing continues? We may never be able to beat our meats ever again.  Take advantage of this time. So Tarik Cohen don’t let the reigns of society pull you back, you’re not wrong for having stronger forearms than the rest of us.  Even if you’re trying to pull it off that you were just doing a ton of pushups you horny bastard.



I’ll tell you who’s not going to fumble next year and it’s going to be the guy’s who worked on their game during the quarantine.


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