LCS Is Back And So Is Gambling, Esports Betting Guide

The long awaited return of the LCS is here and I mean what a joyous fucking day. We only missed one week but with everything else being cancelled it felt like an eternity was missed. No need to worry anymore children, big daddy Riot came through and is bringing the LCS back starting today and that means big daddy Eddie is bringing back a way for you to scratch that gambling itch. I am 10-9 on the split so far and I think this break is a positive, give me time to regroup and reflect to come back faster and stronger than before. I got comfortabe with my picks and maybe tried some underdogs just to stand out, we are only looking for winners. End of story, will I give you a value pick? Sure but the goal is getting those Ws. New format, I will give you 2-4 picks I think will hit and at least 1 value pick along with a video of my lock of the week. That video is going on the Branded Twitter and Instagram and that video is linked below. Lets make some fucking money.

Counter Logic Gaming Vs Team Dignitas -140

Dig has disappointed me in the past but that is why they aren’t bigger favorites this week. I think this is as close to a sure thing as you can without knowing a player is throwing the game for me. CLG is just bad now man, the great CLG teams in the past are just a memory and I mean Pobelter was a good signing but ultimately won’t matter. This split will help him getting another contract but this team is done and Dignitas are still fighting for a place in playoffs.

100 Thieves Vs Flyquest -145

Flyquest has continued to play well and prove they are a top team this split and as much as I like 100 Thieves they are struggling. Kind of bold of me to say but I think this is going to be a stomp. Flyquest is going to have their way with 100T. I hope the Thieves can get it together, I feel like they put a big emphasis on this team coming into the season and when the team was announced it felt like they were missing a piece or two and their performance so far has proven that to be true.


TSM Vs Immortals +215

I want to be very clear. I think TSM will most likely win this game. With that being said TSM is beatable and Immortals have surprised me multiple times this season. If you can get Immortals at +200 or better I would consider putting a little bit on them. I haven’t decided if I am putting money on this game yet but this could be a real big play this weekend.


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