Adam Schefter Got Into An ‘Ol Fashioned Source Off With A Denver Broncos Beat Writer



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I guess the Quarantine boredom finally got to Adam Schefter because for some reason he went at Mike Klis, beat reporter for the Broncos, out of nowhere. It seems that Mike Klis was the first one who broke the news. He then followed it up with a tweet that the Bills actually offered Gordon more, but he chose the Broncos instead. Seemingly getting some great kudos for Gurley for the fans as if Gurley chose season ticket holder Mike in Section 342 who paints his face half blue half orange and has his lucky Pooka shell necklace in his right pocket every game because he wore it the night they won Super Bowl XXXIII. But, here comes Schefty, the Internet Police, ready to shut down the party and anyone who spreads mis-information.



Adam Schefter fires the first shot unprovoked, across the bow, to let Mike know that the Bills never made an offer to Melvin Gordon. Classic Schefty. He’s still seething from getting scooped on this so he retaliates. Rappaport beats him to a big trade? Boom. Schefter focuses on the details of the contract. I imagine Schefter going nuts in his kitchen hell-bent to end the person who scooped him’s career.

But Mike isn’t backing down. He’s quarantined too and the wife probably cooked her shitty meat loaf for the 3rd time this week. She’s never had to cook so much in a given week, refusing to switch it up because a neighbor told her at a Christmas party the meatloaf was great in 2009.



Translation: Go fuck your sources Schefty. You think you’re the only one with sources in the game? If so, why’d you let a reporter in Denver piss on your home turf. You have to be better at that. Show weakness with one guy, next thing you know Ian Rappoport is taking your lunch money and Woj starts breaking NFL news.


Could Schefty come back with a blow that would send Klis on his heels?



The agent for Melvin Gordon is Damarius Bilbo, who works for Rich Paul and Klutch. Schefter has a direct line to Windhorst who has a direct line to LeBron James. Schefty snuck in an upper-cut counter that stunned Kils and he’s stumbling back with a deep cut to his eye.

Could Kils bounce back in the 12th round knowing that Schefty was coming for blood?



Cool, calm and collected. Kils thinks he has this fight locked up. Trusts his sources and the way he worked this fight. The up & comer feels like he defeated the Champ, now it’s all up to the judges to decide. When you crunch the numbers it’s close. Schefter outlands him in Power Punches, but Kils was able to surpass Schefty in punches landed.

It comes down to the 3rd judge after both have awarded their scorecard to each fighter. The 3rd judge is about to make his call and it goes to Schefty, who’s the crafty veteran looking for the payday in June to fight the most popular martial artist that’s going to net each  guy 9 figures. People are clamoring boxing needs to get out it’s own way with greed, corruption, and fallacy.

Schefty gets the win because of experience and the fact he never responded. Ghosting someone you so vehemently denied with is an A+ move. Mike Kils is telling himself he won, but in the back of his mind he’s unsure. Schefter is so far inside Mike Kils head and that’s what separated these two in the end. Schefter doesn’t need to talk instead he’ll just rest on the laurels of his accolades from an amazing career.

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