Start Your Day With The Best March Madness Moments From 2010-2019


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Listen, I know this doesn’t feel like it is helping, but I promise you want to watch it. It’s very therapeutic. I watched the full 10 minutes with a smile from ear to ear. Hear me out, I feel like the Coronavirus took the Tournament from us so we could appreciate it more in the long run. I know it’s crazy to think about.

A couple of takeaways if I was an alien who came down from another planet and the first thing someone showed me was this video:

-Northern Iowa has 4 National Championships during the 2010s followed by Kentucky and Wisconsin.

-Virginia stinks in the tournament. Which was actually a fact until the last clip.

-Villanova vs UNC was an insane game. True fact.

-Television technology has significantly improved from the start of the decade, but it’s nothing compared to my home planet’s 7K VR TV. Reminder, I’m an alien.

-Florida Gulf Coast was the most electric team ever assembled. A Monstars of athletes.

Hand up, though smiling through the whole video. I’ve now pivoted to sadness that we’re not 2020 is always going to have an * with Kansas as the National Champion…

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