Eagles Release The Weirdest Highlight Package Welcoming Darius Slay, BUT I Have A Theory Why


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Well what the hell was that? Not one shot of a pick six or even an interception in the whole highlight reel? Darius Slay led the league in interceptions two years ago with 8. You could’ve put all 8 interceptions in there and served more of a purpose then what we just watched. Imagine the Eagles social team while quarantined coming up with that highlight package. “Ok, we just signed a shutdown corner and made him the highest paid CB in the league, what should we do?” Here’s a clip of Keenan Allen getting 13 yards on a simple post route. Who the hell is running this account? The 76ers social guy? #BringBackKurt

I have a theory though why the Eagles released this package and not a flashier one. They understand most of their demographic with the spending power are middle aged dads in the Delaware Valley. So what did they show? Textbook tackles, AFTER the catch was made. Dad’s LOVE proper form tackles. Darius Slay is the best CB signing since Asante Samuel. Asante Samuel was a ball hawk, but couldn’t tackle for shit. There’s a good chance if you ask your dad right now what he thought about Asante Samuel chances are he’d say, “Great player. But he couldn’t tackle.” Everyone’s dad in Philly had the biggest love/hate relationship with Asante Samuel. Asante led the league in interceptions during 2009, but I’m sure all your dad can remember is those missed tackles against Brandon Jacobs in the flat. Probably yelled at the TV and turned to you or your mom and was like, “Guy just can’t tackle. It’s simple as that. Can’t tackle.” as he took off his hat and scratched the back of his head with the brim.

Honestly, maybe the Eagles Twitter account was playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers this whole time.

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