Ali Farokmanesh Just Re-Created His Shot Against Kansas 10 Years Later


Ali Farokmanesh became a household name 10 years ago when Northern Iowa knocked off #1 Kansas in the Second Round of the Tournament. That Kansas team had the Morris twins, Xavier (Zov-e-a) Henry, Tyshawn Taylor, and Cole Aldrich on it. Didn’t matter because Northern Iowa had Ali Farokmanesh, the scariest 4 syllables in Kansas basketball history. Farokmanesh’s shot was an all time “fuck it” move. Pulling that ball back out to run time off the clock never crossed his mind. Farokmanesh drove the stake into Kansas’ heart that year. It always brings a smile to my face when you still see a Farokmanesh jersey at OD during No Shower.

Fucking A. Right now we’d be a bunch of beers deep. On hour 4 of the livestream at MaGerks. The psychic we were bringing would probably be 5-0 and we’d be rich! Instead we’re coup’d up in the house on quarantine with no tournament or end in sight.

Watch the greatest moments from the last decade of the tournament. It’s the only thing that can bring a smile to my face.


I’m going to watch the ’08 Steph Curry game against Oklahoma and Blake Griffin on the DVR. Stay safe. It’ll be over before we know it.


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