Tom Brady Is A Cyborg

Tom Brady has been so great for so long that even with him standing on the 1 yard line & less than a minute to go – I still expected he would do the unimaginable and drive 99 yards for the win. I know its nuts & I admit it sounds delusional but Tom Brady really is that great & has proven time and time again that you cannot count him out.

We all know how this game eventually ends. Brady throws a pick 6 & the Titans move on to the second round while the Patriots head back to Foxboro for an unusually long off season.

After this game the narrative shifts because as soon as their is any weakness detectable from Brady & the Pats – the media jumps on it like sharks to live bait. We all know the beats – Stephen A Smith yelling about how Slava Medvedenko is a better fit for the Patriots offense or Skip Bayless placing his Brady jersey next to his Zeke jersey just below his awkwardly placed microwave. Either way – I do not want to jump on the negative bandwagon.

Instead – this will be a piece where I praise Brady because what he has accomplished as a starting QB in the NFL is actually unreal. Like legitimately hard to wrap your brain around how successful he truly has been.

Those words were written the day after the Pats lost in the playoffs last season. With news breaking that Tom is heading south to the strip club capital of the USA, Tampa Bay, let’s revisit how great TB12 truly has been.

The viz below is a scatter plot of all QBs that have started at least 5 playoff games. I wanted to see what QBs have had the most success in the playoffs. I utilized playoff wins as the y-axis, playoff win % as the x-axis, & super bowl wins as the circle size.


As you can see (in case you don’t I made Brady’s circle bright red) – Brady is head and shoulders above the other QBs. Tom Brady is not only the greatest QB of all time – it honestly isn’t even close.

Brady has an unbelievable 30 playoff wins. That is 14 more than the second QB (Joe Montana). Matter of fact – if you combine the 2nd (Montana) & 3rd (Elway) winningest QBs – Brady is still TIED with them. Let me restate that: if you combined Montana’s & Elway’s CAREER PLAYOFF WINS (30) – Brady alone is still tied with that win total. He has a higher career playoff win percentage than Joe Montana, John Elway, Ben Roethlisberger, Roger Staubach, Brett Favre, & Peyton Manning.

Tom Brady is undoubtedly the greatest QB of all time – we truly will not realize his greatness until he is gone.

So now begs the question will he be able to duplicate this success while wearing red and orange down in Tampa? I tend to lean to yes, but lets fast forward to the end of the season.

*Tom Brady has just won his 7th Super Bowl, confetti has fallen, & the media has gathered*

Rich Eisen is standing a cool 6 feet away (ya know Corona virus and all) & asks the question – Tom now that you have reached the pinnacle of your profession, is it time for you to retire?

Brady grabs the mic & announces that he is actually a cyborg and he will never retire. Him and Giselle are so rich that he has been slowly upgrading different parts of his body the last 10 years. He will play football forever.

Fast forward to the year 2045 & Brady is still slinging the rock. He may have added more plastic surgery on his face than a British reality star & his hair plugs have a pulse of their own – but god damn it he is still winning football games.

Tom Brady is truly a cyborg – that’s the only explanation as to why he is so great & he will prove that by creating a new dynasty in Tampa.

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January 3, 2022 10:57 am

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