Three Sixers Test Positive For The Coronavirus


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Three Sixers have tested positive for the Coronavirus. Honestly, can we be honest now. This doesn’t really mean anything other than you wish them good luck and hope they recover fully, which they most likely will. With each passing day more and more big names test positive for Corona. Two hours ago the first case reported in the NFL was Saints coach Sean Payton. Also, Joe blogged that he received a tip from someone that an Eagle has Coronavirus as well. So it’s basically on our doorstep. 

Just last week we were going nuts about Rudy Gobert contracting the virus. Think about it. That was only 7 days ago. This quarantine is becoming the new norm. Big name athletes, actors/actresses, and CEOs have contracted since then. I don’t even bat an eyelash any time I read BREAKING: another athlete has Corona. 

So who do we think it is? Quick guess – Al Horford or Joel. Maybe throw in someone a staffer on the team as the third. Only because Joel & Al guarded Christian Wood and he tested positive. All I know is Mathisse Thybulle is fresh as a spring chicken just dominating the Tik Tok game so it’s definitely not him. There’s legitimate thought he may retire from the Sixers and go make millions on Tik Tok instead.


I’m not here to make this all about me, but I’m still not scared of the Coronavirus. Have I been quarantined because I adhere to rules and there is nothing to do outside? Of course. But I know if it came knocking on my doorstep I’d welcome it with open arms. Give it the toughest fight it’s ever seen and send it on its way packing.


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