Rumor: One Of The Eagles Is Currently Awaiting Results For The Coronavirus

Let me preference this with the following about this “hot tip,” I don’t know this person. He has reached out to me before about the DeSean Jackson injury prior to it being well known. So I don’t know if in fact this guy has some type of connection to the team deeper than this. I didn’t run with the Jackson tip because I didn’t know the guy and didn’t think it was huge news. Since that ended up being right I figured I’d share this with the masses.

So take all of the following with a grain of salt.

I removed the name of the player and his wife because I’m not sure if it’s a Hipaa violation or not if we show the screen shot. I assume it isn’t because this guy is the one saying it buuuuuuuut just to be safe. If this turns out to be correct I believe this would make the first NFL case speculated so far. Fingers crossed this guy is just an idiot and making things up.

Any other details I get that we can share we will update.



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