Marcus Smart Has The Coronavirus

Shame broke it earlier tonight that there was 1 Celtics player who caught the rona and Marcus put this selfie video out a little bit after that. I’m happy that he hasn’t felt any symptoms and seems fine, hopefully it stays that way. It does make it all seem a bit more real when it is on your team, obviously none of us are hanging out with these players or actually know them but when you root for them for so long you get attached.

Any player catching it is shitty but I’d be lying if I said when I saw Shams tweet I was hoping it was one of the bench guys. I don’t want anyone to have it BUT if it HAS to be someone I would’ve rather it had been like Kanter.

Everything with Marcus seems good and I’m sure we’ll get an update if things get worse. Here’s hoping he has it but he doesn’t get sick. From what I’ve seen the other NBA guys have all been relatively fine.

Fucking Rudy Gobert man, smh.

Feautured image.

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