BREAKING: The Eagles Trade For Darius Slay Give Up 3rd & 5th Rounder


There it is Howie! Rain, snow, sleet, or quarantine, Chosen Roseman get’s it done! Am I worried about Howie’s track records with high end corners we give massive paydays too, especially when they turn 30 soon? Yea I am. But I when you are begging for a shut down corner since Asante Samuel was patrolling the secondary you start to feel helpless. Plus, this will help the weaker side of the defense find relief with more over the top and man to man help. Slay is the only CB other than Jalen Ramsey to make it to the Pro Bowl 3 years straight. He led the league in interceptions two years prior. I like this move, this move makes me happy.

I just love what Howie did here.

Roseman playing with dolls: “Oh, hey Jerry. How’s it hanging pay any receivers mega millions recently? Oh you did? Amari Cooper, ‘eh. Wow $100 million. Well I just got a guy that will make him useless for that whole contract. Bye!” Roseman proceeds to smash the Jerry doll into pieces.


Just imagine if Dak plays above average and they’re forced to pay him $35-40 million too. They already owe $190 million on Zeke and Cooper. Even the “…but the new TV deal” analysts couldn’t justify the Cowboys spending around $250 million on three players.



This now sure’s up the Eagles going all in for one of the 1st round WR talents everyone in Philadelphia is salivating for. Would I have liked to see the Eagles use those picks to move up and get CeeDee Lamb? Sure. But that’s before I realized Darius Slay was actually able to be acquired. I’ll take Justin Jefferson at 21 if that’s where we have to go, but I’m speaking CeeDee Lamb into existence.

Before I go, 17-1 Eagles Super Bowl champs. 17-1. Makes you think…




Here are the contract numbers:


3 yrs/$50 million with $30 million guaranteed. That makes Slay the highest paid corner by AAV over Byron Jones by $100k, lol. I love it! I’m no contract lawyer but I’m sure there’s more numbers to this since he’s making somewhere between $10-$15 million this year. I’d love to have the numbers but I think Spotrac succumb to the Coronavirus.


Screen Shot 2020-03-19 at 9.25.42 AM

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