A Bunch Of Tone Deaf Celebrities Collaborated For This Cringeworthy Coronavirus Rendition of ‘Imagine’ To…Inspire Us?


On the heels of Vanessa Hudgens bad look for celebrities everywhere, the famous people community for some reason felt the need to create this quarantine karaoke version of John Lennon’s “Imagine.” It is just as cringeworthy as you would….imagine.

Personally I am keeping a running tally of celebrities in this video and the ones noticeably absent (only exception is Will Ferrell). Curious if there was just a group text sent to all famous people to get something like this coordinated. I guess Gal Gadot coordinated it so people probably just do what she says in case there’s ever a chance it helps get in her pants. A bunch of celebrities whose lives are not financially at risk in their private villas with their private chefs telling us there is hope still left in the world.

The mix of people in the video is, to quote Ja’mie King, so random. The A-listers must be pretty busy donating money and volunteering to do something like this because this was a B-D list cast with the exception of Natalie Portman who I think participated to go up against Gal for hottest real woman. Also a tough look including some singers and some only actors.

Is this video supposed to inspire us? Do you think the 21 year olds on Spring Break in Clearwater Florida are going to see this and say, oh good Mark Ruffalo is telling me to stay home that must mean it’s serious??

A few things I noticed:

  • James Marsden and Amy Adams tried way too hard. We get it, you were in Enchanted.
  • Disappointed Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig weren’t together. I guess I imagine them as roommates.
  • Not a clue who the tik toker with the tooth gap is but he has a beautiful falsetto.
  • Jimmy Fallon would never miss an opportunity like this. These are the moments Jimmy Fallon is made for.
  • At least 6 people I do not recognize. Could we have at least got the 15 year old tik tok sensation? That would get the millennials inside.

This is probably the reason America got the coronavirus in the first place. At least 1 of these people has filmed with Tom Hanks recently so should we take bets on the first one in this video to get it?



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