Start Your Day With Around The Horn’s First Episode Ever


Around the Horn, which has become synonymous with the 5pm slot on ESPN, first started in 2002. I was shocked to see a Max Kellerman was the host, sporting his best impression of Buff Bagwell with the Full Fu-Man-Chu.




They had the classic Around the Horn columnists on the first show. Bob Ryan, Woody Paige, and even Jay Mariotti. Although who the hell is TJ Simers from the LA Times? That’s Bill Plaschke’s corner.

How about the takes thrown out here? Woody Paige was out on Yao Ming one game into his career. No way Woody could think outside the box long enough to think some 7 footer from China could ever make it in the NBA. And then our guy TJ Simers on his take 17 years to early that the Chargers would be moving to LA and that Drew Bree’s career would be nothing like Michael Vick’s. Bob Ryan called QB the most overrated position in sports, which may have been true at the time, but now that take should Old Takes Exposed. Hindsight is 20/20 but it’s hilarious hearing Trent Dilfer and Tom Brady mentioned in the same sentence.

Woody Paige actually looked pretty put together in that video. Used to seeing him yell out of his box looking like this nowadays.




This SYDW…was mainly written not only to show off that Max Kellerman used to yell at the top of his lungs even louder back in the day, but the fact that Branded will be hosting an Around the Horn type livestream between 11:30am-12pm today on Periscope. You can follow along on the @Branded_Sports Twitter page and make sure to subscribe to our live notifications so every time someone does go live from the Branded Twitter account you’ll be notified.

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