Start Your Day With NFL Legends Finishing Their Career On Other Teams

Holy Shit Tom Brady actually did it! I told you! He said, “Fuck you Julian Edelman! I ain’t going back!”


And today Tom Brady made it official on Instagram telling the Pat’s to scram! I’m tired of the New England winters my old ass is going to retire in Tampa Bay and buy some property in Naples. Or I’m going to focus on 199 Productions in LA and get paid out all the money I forewent in my career.

Tom Brady is just another legend that didn’t know when to hang it up. Except this time he wasn’t forced out. He stuck both middle fingers up with three Super Bowl rings on each and said Go. Fuck. Yourself. Brady in powder blue or a throwback Tampa Bay Bucs creamsicle jersey is going to be gross.



Remember Emmit Smith on the Cardinals??




Joe Montana on the Chiefs?


Chiefs Dolphins Football



Jerry Rice for two miserable years in the Pacific Northwest


jerry rice



Reggie White on the Panthers


reggie white


Randall Cunningham on the Dallas Cowboys…puke


giphy (5)


randall cunning


Tony Dorsett played for the Broncos??


tony dorsett


Ed Reed in Houston


ed reed


Torry Holt on the Jaguars


tory holt


Johnny Unitas on the LA Chargers and Joe Montana on the LA Rams.


unitas chargers


namath rams

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