Mathisse Thybulle Is Crushing Tik Tok Two Days Into Quarantine


Mathisse Thybulle can’t be touched by anyone else on Tik Tok right now. I thought his first one was just beginner’s luck, but his new Tik Tok just showed us that Mathisse is here to stay. He might have a billion followers by sundown! You gotta assume the youngest guy on the Sixers should have the most creative juices when it comes to a new platform dominated by teenagers and children. Honestly, if he retired off of yesterday’s, just decided to ride into the sunset, I wouldn’t blame him.



A little slick transitioning lens that was mastered on Vine when Mathisse was like 13, is now brought back from the dead. Not bad. But the phone placement, plus the dribbling drills, and finishing it off with some hand eye coordination? Mathisse is getting better while everyone is contracting Coronavirus. The damn Nets have like 15 cases on their hands to deal with. The Sixers on the other hand are healthy as shit and working on their game during quarantine. Maybe the Coronavirus was the greatest thing to happen to the Sixers?


“60 year olds realizing Coronavirus is knocking on their doorstep.”

Screen Shot 2020-03-17 at 5.52.29 PM

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