Brady Is No Longer A Patriot And I Need Someone To Make It Make Sense



2020 has just been one kick in the dick after another hasn’t it? I’m 24 so all I know football wise is winning and Tom Brady. Every day for months I had to listen to talking heads who genuinely don’t know what they’re talking about say how Tom is leaving and for months I thought these guys are morons. And I was right they are, they had no actual idea and no actual proof. They had to fill up an hour but somehow they were right.

When you look back at these last couple of months the writing is on the wall. Sign after sign that we all ignored. I feel like I just found out my girlfriend has been cheating on me and everyone has been telling me she’s cheating and I ignored them. Brady dropping the announcement is like walking in on your girl getting jackhammered. You can’t believe it’s real and it feels exactly how you thought it would to see.

Anyone who burns jerseys is a fucking loser but I can’t imagine anyone will be doing that with Tom. I have no idea where he’s going to end up playing but I can’t imagine it’ll look right. Hakeem Olajuwon on the Raptors vibes.

I hate when Pats fans say shit like “Patriot for life”. It just feels so dumb. Then a guy who has been a Patriot for your entire life announces he’s leaving and I mean you can’t be mad right? Like I’m not mad at Tom, I’m disappointed. I would’ve rather him retired or sign with the Pats but I’m not mad at him. I hope the best for him. He truly is a Patriot for life and I’m thankful for all the memories.

We’ll make predictions on his new team and who his replacement is in the next couple of days. For now let’s all just remember the good times.


If he’s smart he’ll sign with an NFC team though. He doesn’t want to see us in the Playoffs.

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