New Betting Favorite To Land Brady And It’s Not New England

Branded Patriot

All we have left right now is NFL free agency news. Nothing is going to fill the sports void but this is close enough for most of us right now. So now that Tannehill resigned with Tennessee there are updated betting lines on where Brady will land.

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! The Bucs??? GTFOH. If Tom Brady goes to Tampa Bay I will eat a shoe. He’s not going anywhere. He is a Patriot lifer. No shot he leaves and if he does it’s not going to be for the Bucs. That is insane. I like and can respect what Odds Shark is doing though. Throw this out there and get people talking. Everyone is working from home with nothing to do. Just toss some crazy lines out there to get the conversation started. I can dig it.

But no. He’s in New England and no where else.

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