Brady To The Titans Just Died And So Did This Clay Travis Take

It would appear the Titans aren’t going to be making a run at Brady like the big time media wants you to think. You see Brady hanging out with Edelman and the storyline is why was he FaceTiming Coach Vrabel? I don’t man, maybe they’re friends. Not everything is that deep. Or the people saying Brady is going to play for San Fran and the Pats are getting Jimmy G back in return. Like are we doing this in Madden or??

Some of you are just so dumb it hurts. Like Clay Travis. The ring leader of dumb people. Clay Travis looks like a guy who will sell you tickets to a game but they’re fake tickets from last weeks game. He looks like a guy who calls girls sluts for wearing a bikini on Instagram but will try and “cancel” you if you make fun of his patchy beard. Clay Travis looks like a guy who will say Brady to the Titans is a lock and have you put money on it just for the Titans to resign Tannehill 3 days later.

Clay Travis has always been soft, he has never been smart and will always make a fool of himself when he opens his mouth. Usually it takes longer than 3 fucking days.

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