Previewing UFC Fight Night: Lee vs Oliveira


Alright folks, this is a weird one tonight and probably for the foreseeable future unfortunately as Fight Night takes place in Brasilia, Brazil in an EMPTY arena. Yes that is correct fights will be taking place today LIVE on ESPN starting at 3:00 and 6:00 for the main card in an empty fucking arena. Wild time to be alive.

Lets get to the main event, which is actually a really big fight between lightweight contenders #8 Kevin Lee and #13 Charles Oliveira. I’ve been a Kevin Lee guy for quite some time now, he’s only 27 years old and has fought for a world title. He recently made the switch to Faras Zahabi’s gym in Montreal, where Georges St Pierre trained out of. This was a vital move for Kevin’s career in what could become a world title type career. BUT, he did miss weight yesterday, so he wont be cashing in tonight. He’s had trouble making the 155 pound limit and he tried fighting at welterweight before losing and going back down to lightweight in November where he had the performance of the night. He’s got the “it” factor that not many fighters have and if he can get on a roll he’ll be back in title contention. His opponent however is no joke, Charles Oliveira is on a 5 fight win streak and has the most submission victories in UFC history and the second most finished in history. He’s 30 years old and has been with the UFC a very long time, and has never gotten to that title shot. If he can beat Kevin tonight, he’ll be super close to getting his name in title contention in what is already the most stacked division in the sport.


I do believe however, that Kevin Lee gets the win here tonight by TKO. I think this is going to be a legitimate awesome fight in an empty arena. He’s the stronger wrestler and is thought of as the more powerful puncher. If he can nuetralize Oliveria’s submission game, this should go in Kevin’s way. The Virus outbreak leading to the empty arena situation is beneficial for Kevin as he would’ve been in hostile territory in Oliveira’s home country of Brazil. Other fighters to watch out for tonight are Demian Maia, and Johnny Walker!!! Johnny has a bright future and i am super super hight on him if he can calm himself down and fight like champion, he’ll be on his way to a Jon Jones fight in no time. He is legitimately one of the craziest humans beings on this earth and if you dont believe me just watch this video.


The whole virus thing is absolutely bonkers. But, The UFC is sticking with this, a fight in an empty arena. All of these fighters wanted to do this tonight. This is their lifes work, they train months and months and months just for one fight, blood sweat and money goes into those training camps and most of these men and women have fought in tiny arenas and small crowds before, so its no surprise they all wanted this tonight. These are the best athletes in the world and i am so so happy that these athletes get to showcase their skills to the whole world tonight. Its fitting, the sport with the toughest most skilled people in the world as the last remaining sport in the world competing today. Its poetic really. Buckle up. Gamble, drink, and watch every fight starting at 3 because we dont know what is going to happen from here.


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