Pornhub Offering Premium Content to Italy For Free While They Face Coronavirus Pandemic

In Italy, the Coronavirus is striking the country at an alarming rate, to the point they are in a state of emergency. People are confined to their homes with nothing to do but contract this disease. In an effort to kill time and help with the anxiety of the situation, Pornhub has agreed to give all Italian citizens FREE premium content for the entire month of March.

This is awesome. If I’m wilting away with some foreign disease, I want to see the WHOLE video, not that 7 minute bullshit they put out there.

Plus that country NEEDS a hobby right now, even if it’s jerking off. They are under strict quarantine and if you were to break it and pass the Coronavirus to someone who later dies, you could be charged with murder. Sex on the internet could save you from becoming a killer.

Now the question remains to be seen: will they apply this same policy in the United States as well? Asking for a friend who has nothing to do without sports.

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