5 Things to Put on Bar TVs during this National Sports Ban

My last blog had me thinking. I’m going to a bar this weekend. I usually sit with the boys, watch various sports on many TVs. Drink a zillion of beers, then eventually try to hit on some ladies. This weekend, no sports. What are they going to put on the TVs? Well, if you own a bar, this one’s for you. I have the perfect list:

Planet Earth

Okay, HEAR ME OUT. Animals in the wild is a great thing. I just love nature. I think this is the closest thing to sports we have. We don’t need to pay constant attention but we can look up quickly and see some cool shit. We don’t need the commentary. I can have a conversation, go get a beer, come back, look up at the tv and watch a cheetah chase down a gazelle. Prime.

Red Sox 2018 Season Re-run games

108-54 record. Absolute slaughter. Playoffs? Beat the Yankees, Astros, and Dodgers. Red Sox were on a different level that year. Mookie, Mitchy Moreland, Benny, Kimbrel, Chris Sale, E-Rod, all in one house. I could watch any game and be happy there. It doesn’t matter who you’re a fan of and I’m not biased at all. This is the right move.

Music Videos

The first time I went out west to Vegas and LA I saw this. I’m not a huge fan but I kind of understand it. If they play Halsey’s “You Should Be Sad” at least twice a night I’ll be happy. It’s something to watch and connect to the sound. Its something. Not the best, but something


Drink beer and become politically connected? Probably not your normal plans for as Saturday. I’m just saying it’s not a bad idea. I want to know what congress is doing to bring back my sports. Passing laws? The “Safe Sports” act of 2020? Let’s HOLD OUR REPRESENTATIVES ACCOUNTABLE DAMNIT.


There was a college bar back in Durham that would have a TV in the corner of the bar. It would only have on the Chive. It’s not for everyone but it’s a pretty great filler. I want to be able to suck down my vodka soda while watching a dad get hit in the balls by a wiffleball bat. Can’t beat the classics.

Let’s turn the tables. It’s time to take back over our bars. Bar social time where we suck down a beer cannot die with everything else we love. Let’s hold strong as Americans. Grab a bud light and read those CSPAN subtitles. Watch some Justin Bieber Intentions music videos. Relive that 16-1 Red Sox win over the pinstripes. This isn’t the time to back down. This is where we fight.

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