Throwback Thursday: Anthony Davis Getting Hazed at Kentucky

Alex Ortiz

Before madness in the NBA ensued last night, Lebron posted this video of him wishing Anthony Davis a happy birthday.


I’m not sure why, but this video instantly reminded me of the time video surfaced of AD getting hazed at Kentucky.


This video is buried in the depths of the internet, with good reason, The Brow is a freak. But, I’m glad I have the opportunity to resurface this video because it’s hilarious.

Anthony Davis: huge loves getting pinned down by his teammates while getting his ass slapped guy.

Between Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard, I can’t imagine what goes down in the Lakers locker room now. Throw Lebron in there too for an occasional game of locker room slap-ass.

As for me, I’m not sure why this video was in my subconscious. Lebron singing happy birthday to AD and a video where Davis is getting slapped in the ass butt naked in the Kentucky locker room don’t necessarily have a direct correlation.

Either way, enjoy this throwback Thursday as much as Anthony Davis enjoyed getting hazed.


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