The Sixers Are Being Tested For Coronavirus


It’s almost too vivid the way I see this testing going:


Sixers Medical Staff: Slight case of Coronavirus. Will be re-evaluated in two weeks.


The Sixers played the Detroit Pistons last night, who in turn played the Utah Jazz a couple of days prior. Two players on the Jazz, Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell, have been confirmed for cases of Coronavirus. FWIW, according to Kevin Kinkead, Christian Wood who covered Gobert when the Pistons played the Jazz, was matched up on Al Horford the most and Embiid second last night. If we somehow can milk an insurance policy where Al Horford’s contract can magically vanish now is the time.



There are no concrete number of days the Sixers are asked to be self-quarantined, but 14 seems to be the common number thrown out there.


The Oklahoma City Thunder who were originally not tested and sent home last night, were recommended by OKC health officials to get tested. Which is kind of bananas as there’s a lot of different people those players could’ve come into contact with in those 12-16 hours after the game was canceled.



Just a wild last 24 hours in the world of sports. The NBA, March Madness, NHL, MLS, EPL, DISNEYLAND! and a mass amount of other leagues have suspended or cancelled events altogether. According to Woj, many owners are asking Adam Silver to re-evaluate the suspension in 30 days, which would mean no basketball til mid-April or early June around the time the NBA Finals would start. The summer could be a hell of a sports season.


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