So What Can You Still Gamble On? *As Of Now


It hasn’t even been 24 hours and it feels like sports have been ripped from us. The Big Kahuna just announced they will be canceling March Madness. There were NCAA Conference Tournaments cancelled I didn’t even know were a real. The biggest superfan of college basketball, Jon Rothstein is cancelling plans left and right, through tears in his eyes.



In typical fashion the American Conference led by example and was the first Power 6 conference to cancel their tournament.


The NBA was the first major league to do it after Rudy Gobert tested positive for Coronavirus last night:



The NHL and MLS both followed suit:




Major League Baseball suspended operations and moved the season back two full weeks:


But there is no need to lose hope because if we get creative we can still find sports to gamble on. English darts? Sign me up. Polo? Just gotta find a bookie named Ralph Lauren. I’m thinking about going down to Parx to bet some horses to fill this void in my heart. Maybe I’ll get into Jai Alai to get blood flowing.

Here are some events you can definitely find on your book if you’ve mandated a self-quarantine.


The Players Championship – PGA Tour


This is probably the biggest event you’ll see an influx of money on. It’s like a fifth Major. The best golfers in the world (besides Tiger) are playing this weekend. You think the NCAA likes money? Golf will strangle every last nickel out of a tournament before canceling. So go brush up on how hilly TPC Sawgrass and what the average dew temperatures of Pero Vedra is in early March. Golf also has the best value if you really dive into it. Right now Hideki Matsuyama leads by two strokes and he’s +300. Second place Harris English is +2000 and Patrick Cantlay has second best odds at +1200. Like I said, VALUE!



NASCAR – Dixie Vodka 400


Rubbin’s Racin’ and no chance you’re going to stop the boys on the racetrack from buzzin’ this weekend in Homestead. And what an event to root for with a name to please, the “Dixie Vodka 400”. Just screams car crashes. There won’t be any fans, but the tires’ll be burning rubber making 200+ left turns for four hours. I’m about to be on my couch:


If INDYCar is more your speed you can bet on DraftKings for the Grand Prix of St. Petersburg.



How do you combat against double digit ratings plummeting the last couple of weeks? You refuse to cancel the games and tell the CDC to fuck off, while continue to let fans gather in huge groups (unless you’re in Seattle). Imagine that cup snake in DC knowing everyone within 100 miles is going to be craving sports by the time Sunday at 4pm hits. They’re going to have to move the game to FedEx Field. Can you imagine the kind of cup snake you can make with 60,000 fans all passing around their cups? Maybe if Redskins fans are lucky Dan Snyder will show up and contract the Coronavirus so he can’t ruin the Draft. The public money about to come in on people betting XFL just for boredom below is going to be insane.

Screen Shot 2020-03-12 at 4.56.55 PM



UFC’s Fight Night 170



If there was anyone who was going to laugh at the Coronavirus it’s Dana White and UFC guys. It’s UFC, Hockey athletes, and Marines, in that order, that scoff at everyone taking these types of pre-cautions with a disease that doesn’t kill people as much as the flu does. I’m surprised we haven’t had a UFC fighter stick their foot in their mouth yet with comments that have upset people. People are on edge and what’s better then letting some of that edge out on combat fighting. Just guys punching the fuck out of each other. So if you don’t have ESPN+ I suggest you cancel cable for the month because it’s probably strictly streaming services from here on out.


English Premier League


Not a soccer guy? Welp, time to become one. Because we’ve got a full slate of El Jogo Bonito, The Beautiful Game, the World’s most popular sport. Quick crash course: Liverpool basically has locked up the Premiere League, but teams still play to the end because if they get into the top-4 they then qualify for the Champions League. Which is basically every Champion from the entire world in one league. It would be like the Raptors playing against Manny Pacquiao’s Filipino team or an Irish pro basketball team full of dock workers. This year though has a wrinkle as Manchester City who’s in 2nd is banned from the Champions League for the next two years so the 5th team get’s their spot. Entertaining huh? 5th right now is Manchester United and only 6 points separate them from 10th place. It’s anyone’s league.

Matches to gamble on:

Saturday – March 14th

Man City vs Burnley & Watford vs. Leicester

Sunday – March 15th

Tottenham vs Man United

I’m telling you, gambling on soccer is an electric ride all the way up to the end and there are tons of different ways to do it.



Other games according to DraftKings:

  • English Darts start at 6pm today
  • Bundesliga (German Soccer)
  • KHL (Russian Hockey)
  • Boxing
  • Aussie Rules Football


Go nuts! We’ll get through this together.




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