NHL Officially Suspending Season Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

In the wake of Rudy Gobert’s positive test for Coronavirus that halted the NBA, many leagues after having a follow the leader type of approach. The MLS season was cancelled, NFL personnel have been told to work from home, the NHL held out as long as it could but…

The most likely scenario for the league was to play games without fans, but fear surrounding the virus have escalated mightily during the last 24 hours. With almost every other league halting operations, the NHL has now followed suit.

Fitting. The Flyers are good for the first time in 9 years and the universe halted it immediately. The sports powers that be saw us title hungry Philadelphians enjoying a nine game win streak and unleashed a global pandemic to stop it.

At least we won’t have to hear about how tough hockey is because the soft NBA shut down but nothing stops those big bad hockey players. They all look like Nicolas Cage getting in a bar fight during the opening scene of Con Air but it just so happens they can ice skate. Relax man, we (barely) appreciate your sport.

I guess all that’s left is March Madness….if they take that away from us, we really got nothin.

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