I’m All In On The Coronavirus Being Known As The Boomer Remover

Listen, if you’re getting all upset at these kid’s calling the Coronavirus a “Boomer Remover” you probably have a big dump in your pants, since you’re probably old as fuck and wear diapers 24/7. The “Boomer Remover” is a nickname up there with “The Great One” “Dr. Dunkenstein” and “The Answer”. I have not stopped laughing at the Boomer Remover! Peace Boomers! Might as well go into quarantine now.

And before you ask, “Hey Kyle, aren’t your grandparents Boomers? Aren’t you worried about saying peace to them?” Nope! Boomer life is 1944-1964. My grandparents just turned 80, 1940 life, you wouldn’t understand. Sup grandpop and grandmom. Ya fucking snowbirds. I love ya! Have a good time in Naples.

But what about your mom Kyle, aren’t you scared about her? Born in 1964. I’ve literally defeated the Coronavirus. Peace Coronavirus. Go talk to someone who cares.

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